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Hero of Fate » Version Update Notice

Thank you for your support of the game, everyone’s feedback on the problem I have re-read, and will try to adjust as appropriate, this small patch update to adjust the level difficulty.
Specific update instructions are as follows:

[System added
1, added the guardian spirit resurrection function, when the guardian spirit died, you can spend gold at the merchant or merchant to resurrect the guardian spirit
2. Added a new acknowledgement list

[System Adjustment
1. Weakened the attack power of charging centaurs, goblin cavalry, minotaurs and elf archers.
2. Adjusted the color tone of some monster bullets to clearly differentiate them from the player’s bullets.

Bug Fixes
1. Fixed the bug that the scroll bar in the level selection interface didn’t move synchronously.
2. Repair the bug of not synchronizing the replacement button after the destiny tip.
3、Fix the bug of air wall and no angel in the endless mode of Westland map.