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Hero of Fate » Version Update Notice

Hello Warriors, this update fixes some bugs and brings you the feature you’ve been longing for, “Auto Skill Upgrade”!
Below is the detailed description of the update:

[System added]
1. Added a switch to automatically select skills when upgrading.

[Bug fixes]
Repair the bug that the victory music keeps playing after killing the boss in the endless mode of the Westland map.
2、Fix the bug that using keyboard or handle operation can skip the unlocking of new characters and use them directly.
3、Fix the bug that after the player passes the endless mode and opens a new game again, the attributes of the monsters will inherit the attribute bonus of the monsters in the endless level.
4. Fixed the bug that fate points are not immediately refreshed when players upgrade if they use fate points to refresh their skills.

[System Adjustment]
1. Fine-tuned the monster alert information in the Western Realm.
2、Optimize the display of player’s injury
3. Added the effect of flashing red on the edge of the screen when the player is hurt.
4. The survival life of the treasure chest in the scene has been increased, and the treasure chest will disappear automatically after 1 minute.