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Hero of Fate » Version Update Notice

Hello everyone, I’ve seen your feedback, many players have been giving feedback that the DLC difficulty is on the high side, as well as the Law and Summoning being too weak, with this update we’ve cut down on some of the game’s difficulty and added Law and Summoning professions; the details of the update are as follows:

1, added a new task to decipher the black tower inscription, need scholars to enter the dwarven ruins can be completed. After successfully deciphering the inscription, the Council will reward 5% of Intelligence and Will.
As long as the task of deciphering the tablet is completed, the Leap into the Abyss event will be automatically unlocked!
2. Soul Contract has been added to the Enhanced Skills, which serves to increase the attack power of Summoned and Guardian Spirits by %.
3. Added Damage Enhancement to Enhancement Skills, which serves to increase the damage of all skills by %.
4. Added the danger alert before the emergence of charging or encircling monsters.
5, the bureau upgrades added the soul contract skill upgrade, the effect is to increase the attack power of summoned creatures and guardian spirits

[System Adjustment]
1. The life value of the skill “Strong Body” has been increased from 200 points to 300 points per level.
2、Increased the raw life value of all legal characters
3. Strengthened the basic attack power of Skeleton King, Witch Demon and Skeleton Archer.
4. Increased the number of destructible chests in the Westlands map scene.
5. Added a new in-game upgrade – Soul Pact, which increases the summoning attack power.
6、Eclipsing Moon skill increased by 10% of the gold acquisition

[BUG Fixes]
1、Fixed the bug that the player’s skill cd reduction will also reduce the monster’s skill cd.
2、Fixed the bug that Radona’s Tears task can brush rewards infinitely.
3、Fixed the bug that some monster bullets will penetrate.
4、Fixed the bug that the passive skill of Dancing Girl will add to the damage of charging monsters
5、Fixed the bug that the attributes of newly added partners are not immediately enhanced by outside reinforcement.
6、Fixed the bug that the tracking bullets will keep circling around the monsters.
7, repair the treasure chest dropped advanced skills, skills directly disappear bug