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Hero of Fate » Version Update Notice

Version Update Notice
Hello everyone, this update fixes some of the obvious bugs that people have fed back, as well as adjusting the monster refreshing adjustments

BUG Fixes
1. Fixed the bug that attributes are deducted after selling buff skills.
2、Fix the bug that the bullets of magic monsters are not added to the intelligence of monsters.
3、Fix the bug that charging monsters have no damage.

System Adjustment
1. Increased the number of tracking arrows.
2. Increased the auto-save of the last selected level and difficulty, as well as the auto record of pets.
3. Increased the refresh range of monsters to 40 meters, i.e. monsters will be refreshed only after exceeding this distance.
4. Skill upgrades can be refreshed with destiny points, starting at 5 points and increasing by 1 point after each refresh.
5. Added frame support for skill damage.