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ICEwall » Version 1.3.0: Holiday Gifts update

Hello everyone, tomorrow Steam Winter Sale begins, and to celebrate that along with the upcoming holidays, I have a new update: “Holiday Gifts”! Containing some new content and fixes:

  • New upgrade family: Gifts, with 3 upgrades in total, each of these gives enemies a % chance to spawn a gift pickup when they are destroyed, which boosts your stats if you manage to collect them. Similar powerups in classic shoot’em ups.
  • Added a (very short, 0.1s) cooldown to blue reflecting enemies, so that if you hit them with rapid multishots, they don’t spawn a wall of projectiles back.
  • Updated health bar, and added health text in menu, to easier see what your numbers are when you have crazy amounts of health.
  • Updated sound effect when Chaji Bimu is at max bonus charges.
  • Decorated the main menu, just in time for the Holidays, phew!

This will be my last update for a while (besides bug fixes or similar). I am really glad to see so many players have played my game, and a lot of youtube videos have been made. A huge thank you to all content creators who have played my game! Currently I am well beyond 1000 copies sold, more than 600 players have completed Normal draft mode, and more than 400 have played Endless mode. Not bad!

Happy Holidays everyone!