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Breakout Survivors » Version 1.2

The end of year celebrations are here but so is Breakout Survivors’ first content update since its release !

This update mainly brings in the XP Duplication artifact which brings you more XP from bricks and could be used as either an alternative to the XP Magnet or in addition to it to maximize your XP and leveling.
Other changes include an updated display order for the artifacts, some slight FX improvements and a number of bug fixes.

New Artifact – XP Duplication
  • XP Duplication Artifacts gives you a chance to have double xp dropping from bricks.
  • Initial artifact upgrade gives a 20% chance for XP to be double. Tier 2 and Tier 3 increase this chance to 35% and 50% respectively.
  • It is unlocked by Clearing perfectly the first 8 Waves in Quick Mode. Unlocks aren’t retroactive and players who had the achievement will have to do it again to unlock the artifact sadly.
  • It has no incompatibilities.
  • Displayed order of the artifacts in Collection has been changed. Artifacts are now regrouped by themes, ie. health-related, shield-related, xp-related, etc…
  • Added some slight variations to the Ball Hits SFX so they’re less repetitive.
  • Hit & Death VFX for Splitting Ball’s Small Balls are a bit smaller.
  • Hit & Death SFX volumes for Splitting Ball’s Small Balls are lower.
  • Disabled the Resolution menu item while in Exclusive Full Screen.
  • Fixed Resolutions not getting updated properly upon switching display.
  • Fixed Balls’ Hit Effects sometimes not triggering on Walls.
  • Fixed Leaderboards crashing upon loading scores featuring artifacts/balls that are available in future versions. Not retroactive. Ie. previous versions of the game won’t load leaderboards properly with scores featuring the new artifact.