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ICEwall » Version 1.2.3: Misc bug fixes and slight endless boss health adjustments

This is a smaller update with minor bug fixes and some adjustments to Endless Mode boss health. The bugs have mostly been smaller issues, but things that have bothered me nonetheless.

  • Tiger, Death and ROTN bosses have less health in Endless Mode, especially noticeable on level 10.
  • Fixed UI bug where one UI button or spinning upgrade disk would remaing selected even if you hovered over others with mouse. This was very visible on youtube videos and streams, and has not really been an issue, but has bothered me for a long time. Finally fixed!
  • Fixed sound bug where sometimes game over sound would trigger many times at the same time, sounding very bad and loud.
  • Fixed sound bug where lazer enemies would spam sound effects.

I have a small content update planned before the Holidays, and that is the last content update planned for now, I might do more in the future. I have now started work on my next game and will focus on that going forward.