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Immortal Seeker » [Version 1.11 has been released] Performance optimization and adjustment

1. Reduce the refresh frequency and quantity of non elite and boss monsters;

2. Improved monster attack growth and reduced health growth;

3. Optimize the efficiency of some triggering blessings and high-frequency spells;

4. Fixed the issue of not correctly “exchange” but “buy” when exceeding the upper limit of the weapons;

5. Fixed the issue of abnormal devouring by devouring demons;

6. Fixed the issue of the death of the banshee due to resurrection, resulting in the death of the adventure card;

7. Fixed some issues with incorrect blessings values;

8. Corrected some text errors;

9. When the Tower enters the next level, all magic tools will be cooled to zero and will be triggered directly;

10. Fixed the issue of accidental loss of character levels in the Tower;

11. Fixed the issue of monster skill effects not displaying due to transparency adjustment.

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