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Breakout Survivors » Version 1.1

It’s been one week since the release and it’s been great seeing the positive feedback from the community on the game since.

Now, it’s time for the game’s first real update though it’s a rather small one as I spent a bit of time after release working on hotfixes then took a few needed days of break.
The main addition coming in this update is adding support for Mouse as a way to control the paddle meaning the game can now be played solely with the mouse if you want so (just like it can be played with keyboard only). Other improvements is adding a ‘proper’ support for Spanish – Latin America, as the game supports Spanish but wouldn’t default to it for Latam users, fixing a few minor UI issues with the localization and improving the Steam Rich Presence.

You can read the full changelog below :


Mouse Input (experimental)
  • Mouse can now be used to control your paddle. Just move your mouse left/right and the paddle will follow accordingly.
  • Added a setting to control the Mouse Sensibility for Paddle. It only affects the paddle control and not the mouse in menus.
  • Mouse’s position is now at the center of the screen when upgrades appear or when you pause the game.
  • Mouse is considered as experimental for now and there might be some changes to it depending of feedback. If you run into any issues with it or have suggestions for improvements, feel free to make a post in the Steam Forums.
  • Mouse as an input for the paddle can also be disabled in the Settings. This might not stay long-term.
  • Added proper Spanish Latam support.
  • The game’s language will now default to Spanish for Spanish Latam players. This will only affect new players.
  • Steam Rich Presence will show up in Spanish for Spanish Latam users.
  • [FR] Fixed a typo in Quick Mode’s description.
  • [FR] Fixed a typo in Destroy Bricks’ recurring upgrade description.
  • [DE] Fixed the Game Mode tooltips overlapping in Play Menu.
  • [DE] Fixed “Punktzahle” column title going over 2 lines in the leaderboards.
  • Added a new Controls tab in the Settings menu. Gamepad Settings were moved to that new tab, along Mouse settings
  • Steam Rich Presence now includes the current Game Mode in addition to the Wave #.
  • One score was removed from the leaderboards due to either cheating or bug abuse.

What’s Next ?

As said in the intro, that was a rather small update following the release. Now, the main focus for future updates will be on improving the gameplay and adding some new content (ie. balls & artifacts) to improve the replayability of the game, and a bit of QoL here and there too.
I’ll also investigate possible issues with PlayStation controllers that were reported on the forums during next week (couldn’t get to it earlier as it’s not an easy thing to test as I only have Xbox controllers myself)

I don’t have a set date for the next update yet but it will be coming within the next 15 days.