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Immortal Seeker » [Version 1.1 has been released] The Tower of Babel is coming now!

Dear Immortals, wait a long time! The new version 1.1 is now online! I’m sorry for keeping everyone waiting for so long, and thank you for your support and waiting. Let me also introduce to you what the new version contains!


The Tower of Babel has been opened, and Immortals who have passed the level of ‘Depraved Plains’ can find the entrance to challenge the Endless Heavenly Tower in the Travel → Trial! Let me also introduce the situation of the Tower to all immortals:

(1) Tower Prohibition: However, Immortals should be careful of tower prohibition! Receiving the influence of prohibition will temporarily suppress the realm of immortals, but don’t panic. As you progress floor by floor, you will definitely be able to break through the power of prohibition and restore to a higher realm.

(2) Mystery Shop: Pay attention to the mysterious store at the completion of each floor. You can purchase magic tools and elixirs through the Tokens. Of course, upgrading existing magic tools and elixirs cannot be ignored (There is no need to carry resonance elixirs for the resonance of the weapons in the tower) ,

Token: In the Tower, it is possible to upgrade as an immortal (experience acquisition is still affected by understanding) and pass levels. Of course, be careful of some unscrupulous gamblers who want to deceive Immortals into obtaining Token!

(3) Blessing: This is a divine bonus that can enhance existing or acquired mysterious abilities. immortals can also obtain it in mysterious shops or some adventure events. Of course, it should be noted that the blessing will be taken back when leaving the Tower.

(4) Take a break: If you are tired, you can choose to exit the temporary rest with the B key. The upper immortal of the management tower will temporarily save your current progress for you and wait for you to come back and challenge.


The Tower is extremely dangerous, so improving one’s own cultivation is also very important. When immortals in the tower for one or two times, after settlement, the cultivation cave will be opened, which can enhance the Five Elements Spirit Root and four factions for immortals during cultivation,

(1) Five Element Spiritual Root: Activating the Immortal Spiritual Root can endow the Immortal with the Five Element Ability. Each Immortal’s Five Element Qualification is different. Through the trial of the Tower, you can obtain the Five Element Stone and Practice Stone, which are used to enhance the corresponding Five Element Level for the Immortals. The higher the Five Element Level, the stronger the corresponding Five Element weapons and skills will be.

(2) Faction cultivation: Each immortal has four cultivation sects: sword, rule , martial, and tool. Sect cultivation also affects the damage of various weapons.

(3) Ability: By using the Five Elements level and faction cultivation, special abilities can be activated, allowing Immortals to gain wings like tigers!

Of course, if a Immortals experiences dissatisfaction during their cultivation, they can also return resources by recasting their spiritual roots and renovating their factions.


With the above new gameplay, this time it has also brought a new combination of weapon and Elixir to Immortals, and opened up the books of VIRTUOSO and IMMORTALITY stage.

Flame Demon Code: A magic tool that can cause high damage within the legal range of the Fire attribute;

Anti Spirit Powder: A Elixir that can increase absorption skills and expand the range of EXP Elixirs.

The above is the new content brought to everyone this time, and at the same time, we have also fixed many issues that existed in previous versions.

Thank you for your support, and we will continue to optimize and update. Wishing everyone a smooth journey! Happy holidays!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please mail to us.