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Slash or Die » Version 1.09

Good whatever time of day!
In this update I took a dark side again.
So that following features were added:

1. New enemy. Zombie-bomb
This character’s objective is to make you plan your impact path even more accurately.

Watch out!!! It is explosive…

2. New enemy: Elemental
This enemy is intended to make you plan your impact path even more accurately and to limit your movement.
As if a splinter of wizard yelds fruits…

3. New enemy: Assasin
This enemy’s objective is to make you die more often…

– Did you see him?
– No!
– But he is there!

4. New enemy: Golem
This enemy’s objective is to show that there is an armor that is harder than your weapon.

– Is that what you call a hit?
– Here is a real hit.

5. Added a full-featured 4th level

1. Ghosts and Shield bearers now have a 30% chance to block attack (instead of 50%)
2. Slowed down animation of Lych attack
3. Rebuilt an engine of displaying enemy health (now it is more pretty to look at)

4. Fixed text errors.
5. Fixed graphic errors and program bugs.

And the main thing is:
In this large update rebalance was performed.

Now players who have completed the game can try to do it once again.

To fully reset progress press N on a language select screen.

I wish you all nice weekend and uneasy game!