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Slash or Die » Version 1.07

Dear friends!
I would like to thank all those people who helped to find bugs in the game. I appreciate it.

New features and changes:

● Rewritten the engine of heroes attack: now he attacks everyone, are caught in his fire line and even if the enemy is close to the hero.
● Now after death quickly restart the game, or be resurrected, or come back to the list of characters.
● After the resurrection your endurance has a maximum value.


● In some cases, the purchase of abilities occurred at a lower amount than specified.
● ‘Exhausted’ is not displayed while playing a mage character.
● Maximum level of characters was not displayed properly.
● Errors in translation.
● Description of abilities.
● Background field picture at the final boss.
● Protection display of the magician hero.
● After death is nothing extra on the playing field.
● No achievements for passing the game. I apologise to all who passed the game, but you can get cheat codes for these achievements. Just send a message to me, I’ll send you the instructions to get these achievements.

Added the new mode ‘Survival’:

● At the moment the mode is open immediately.
● The new hero is Samurai.
● His main attack: on attack a shockwave appears that deals damage to enemies.
● And he gets three skill:
● Shuriken: Attacking the enemy, there is a probability of 10% to throw 4 shuriken in different directions.
● Quick punch: 1% chance that the hero will kill the enemy when you are close to him.
● Duel: 50% chance to emerge victorious while the hero simultaneously hitting the enemy.
● Hero and enemies have 1 health.
● Hero has infinite stamina.
● You will meet all enemies from the storyline.
● In this game mode you can compete with other players and just to blow off steam if you are tired of the game story.
And added the leaderboard, showing 10 top players and displaying your personal statistics.

Good luck!