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Immortal Seeker » [Version 1.07 has been released] Adjustments to some weapons and interface

[Adjustment content]
1. The basic attack power of The Blades and Shang’s Blades is increased, the damage interval is shortened, and there is a chance of critical strikes by Shang’s Blades;
2. The base damage of Quick Punch and Asura’s Fist has been increased;
3. The base damage of Talisman and Spirit Talisman is increased, and the damage interval is shortened;
4. Enhance the damage and frequency of the Chaos Fusion;
5. Adjusted the aggressiveness of the monsters in Demons Desert, improving the attack power and growth.

[New content]
1. In the refining interface, you can now hover over the mouse to view the specific instructions of weapons and elixirs;
2. Added a level classification tab, now you can view the adventure levels through the adventure interface.

[Fix the problem]
1. Adjust the strike range of some magic weapons, and fix the damage loss problem of some weapons.

Thank you for your support to us, we will continue to optimize and update, version 1.1 is also in hot production, and look forward to experiencing it in mid-April;
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