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Immortal Seeker » [Version 1.06 released] Black screen problem handling and optimization update

Dear Seekers :

after several days of troubleshooting, we have located and resolved the black screen problem encountered by some players, but unfortunately, the Win7 system has confirmed that it cannot run this game properly.
I apologize to those Taoists who have been unable to play properly due to a black screen issue for the previous few days. The following are the details of this update:

[Fix the problem]:

1. Fixed a black screen issue on systems above Win10;

2. Fixed a problem where the TaiChi disappeared in some cases.

[New content]:

1. Replace the BOSS icon to distinguish it from elite monsters, and add a special blood bar;

2. Repair and install DPS and injury statistics functions;

3. Add the announcement function in the game to facilitate the better delivery of updated content and content planning for subsequent versions to Immortals in the future.

[Optimized content]:

1. The total number of experience and spirital stones existing on the ground has been increased from 500 to 2000;

2. Increase the cumulative damage and blood regeneration effect of the TaiChi, and add the Tai Chi to cause a vulnerable 2.5 second effect on enemies within range;

3. Increase the basic damage of Descending Blade and Myriad Swords.

Hope that through recent optimizations and updates, everyone can enjoy a better gaming experience,
We are also working on the production of the next large version, which is expected to meet with you in [mid April]. The content is as follows:

1. Tongtian Tower Endless Mode;

2. Increase the growth dimensions of the five elements and four systems (Sword, Martial, Rule, and Tool);

3. The entry monsters appear, such as: Vulcan, Assault, Rapid, Weak Gold, and so on, opening up new challenges.

4. Blessing: A new internal acquisition structure that can be obtained through mysterious shops and adventures in this game, and can permanently enhance certain attributes and obtain special effects in this game;

5. Mystery Shop: Buying and selling blessings and purchasing magic tools.

Of course, during this period, we will continue to update new magic weapons, pills, adventures, and unique skills,
I hope to continue to bring you a brand new and interesting experience in cultivating immortals. The above is the expected content, and the specific content is based on the actual updated content at that time.
We will also continue to optimize our game, improve your game experience, and we are looking forward to listening to your suggestions.