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Slash or Die » Version 1.05

Dear friends. In this update I took a dark side.

I was afraid that after you become masters in slaying archers wizards will be felt just similar but with different appearance.
That is why update will bring you:

1. Attack of wizard is not blocked by hero attack (it was already done, I just want to outline it)
2. Wizards now have first hit defense. No matter what damage you make first attack will only break their defense.

3. New type of wizard:
– Appears on level 2-2 and higher
– Does not attack hero
– Changes ground into quicksand – when stepping on quicksand hero loses speed to a level lower than 1.

4. two archers were added to a party of second boss. Fixed performance of his second half. Now it will be much more difficult for you to defeat him.)

Graphic and effects:
Disabled appearance of two dialogue windows on pressing ESC after death.
Now character choice is made not only by clicking on his picture, but on the whole box.
Fixed unnoticeable but critical bugs that made me mad (as a developer).

Some information about next update “Survival”:
1. Access to game mode is granted after killing second boss
2. You have one life
3. You have unlimited staina
4. New hero with his own attack style
5. Steam leader board

I’d like to share some information:
During greenlight and testing of hero abilities Coub was recorded which is still enjoyable for me:
link Coub