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Immortal Seeker » [Version 1.05 updated] Important optimization of game performance and bug repair

This update is mainly aimed at game performance. We also apologize for the bad game experience caused by the optimization problem of the previous version,
Secondly, the final damage statistics function will be temporarily closed, and this function will return in a later version.

New content:

1. Add the special effect transparency option in the settings.

2. Add 2 BGMs.

3. Increase 3 times of skipping for each role by 3 times, and abandon the upgrade selection when skipping.

Optimized content:

1. Optimize special effects to improve the efficiency of some games;

2. Adjustment of difficulty and experience improves the boss’s HP;

3. The final BOSS refresh distance of the Fallen Immortal is adjusted to the player’s vicinity;

4. The interval of the Death Lotus in Aoli was adjusted abnormally, and the interval of the breakthrough was adjusted from – 0.5 to – 0.28;

5. The health condition of Yufeng’s double test was increased from 30% to 60%;

6. Add a name when the blessing bead falls;

7. The Hurricane Curse can now absorb the spirit stone, but it will no longer absorb the blessing pearl;

8. Modify the hanging style of the Bagua;

9. Optimize the death effect;

10. The initial blood volume of Devouring Giant is increased;

11. Optimize the transparency of the object in front when occlusion occurs;

12. Optimized the arrangement of Spiritual Stone Bag and Rejuvenating Pill in the upgrade selection interface;

13. Highlights the Weapon/Elixir UI being selected during the upgrade.

Fix the problem:

1. Fixed the problem that the weather sound effect could not be set;

2. The problem of abnormal drop of some roads in Gengu Village was repaired.

3.Fixed the problem that the treasure chest fell where it could not be picked up. The treasure chest that could not be picked up will be picked up directly.

4. Fixed the problem that some additional attributes provided by elixirs were not applied normally.

5. Fixed the problem that sometimes RECROD could not synchronize with steam achievements.

We will also continue to optimize our game, improve your game experience, and we are looking forward to listening to your suggestions.