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Immortal Seeker » [Version 1.03 updated] Optimize and fix some bugs

Dear players,

We would like to express our gratitude for your support and love, and for providing us with many constructive suggestions as well as identifying the bugs that we were unable to test for.

Optimization issue:

Regarding the recent reports of “lagging issue” from many players, we would like to explain and provide the following update:

The main cause of this problem is our lack of experience, a small team, and insufficient testing samples. It is difficult for us to quickly and effectively locate and resolve the issue. Our programmers have worked tirelessly to identify and solve the problem, and we are exploring new solutions to address the lagging issue from different perspectives.

(1) In this update, we have prioritized improving scene collision optimization and updating the game’s basic settings to address lagging issues on low-end computers.
(2) To address persistent CPU consumption, we have developed a solution that involves periodically reloading special effects. If testing goes well, it will be uploaded in the next update in the next two days.
(3) We have developed an initial “Frame Rate Priority” feature that dynamically adjusts the calculation batch during high CPU loads to alleviate the calculation pressure and achieve stable frame rates.
(4) The option to change the game’s graphics quality has been removed from the game because it caused unpredictable issues with particle system resetting. To change the game’s graphics quality, please do so in the game’s main interface.

Bug fixes:

The monster range indicator effect, which was temporarily removed due to severe game crashes and errors on some graphics cards (mostly AMD and Intel), has now been restored in Version 1.01.

Our development team is working day and night to resolve issues, and we hope to bring you a better gaming experience. We kindly ask for your patience and understanding and continue to support us. We will continue to improve our game and actively listen to your suggestions.

Thank you for your support and gameplay.