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Renfield: Bring Your Own Blood » VERSION 1.0 IS HERE!

Gather ’round, thirsty children of the night!

Feast your eyes and ready your capes—the transition from Early Access to 1.0 unveils a trove of new features! Dive into what makes this release truly crypt-tastic!

I. New Features
  • Nightmare Mode: Finding normal mode a breeze? Dive into Nightmare Mode! Designed for seasoned players, it offers a more demanding journey through Renfield’s levels, in exchange for a greater reward. Plus, you get to fine-tune the difficulty of your runs. Dare to try?
  • Challenge Rooms: Chance-spawned special rooms await you! Every room boasts a distinct mechanic and offers a variety of rewards upon completion. Now, the decision of which room to enter is more meaningful than ever before!
  • Familiars: Summon creatures or companions to assist in battling foes! Every familiar possesses unique stats and attack patterns. Harness their strengths for maximum advantage in combat.
  • Banish: Don’t want to see a particular power-up ever again? Banish it from your sight once and for all during your run.
  • Steam Leaderboards: Show them who’s at the top of the vampiric food chain!

II. New Content
A. New Weapons
  • Dueling Pistols
  • Refectory Table
  • Marble Cat Statue
B. New Enemies
  • Abe
  • Honest Abe
  • Flintlocker
  • Super Flintlocker
  • Gatling Gunner
  • Super Gatling Gunner
  • Cannoneer
  • Super Cannoneer
C. New Stages
  • Murder Room
  • Dracula’s Castle
D. New Boss
  • The Lord of Darkness (and the Murder Room), Dracula
  • Vampire Hunters of Dracula’s Castle
E. New Playable Characters
  • Dracula
  • Mark, the Therapy Group Leader
  • Cheerleader
  • Sister Charlotte
  • Sun-Kissed Dracula
F. New Special Attacks
  • Mark’s Critical Surge
  • Sister Charlotte’s Divine Immolation
  • Cheerleader’s Star Crusher
    Sun-kissed Dracula’s Scorchwing Barrage
G. Revamped Weapon Evolutions
  • Coasting Guillotine
  • Critical Cutter
  • Devouring Tome
  • Macerated Hurl
  • Rapid Bubble Popper
  • Resonant Ringburst
  • Unholy Conduit
  • Minigun
  • Reverse Raticide
  • Winged Plunder
  • Ruby Dashstorm*
    *This one is volatile! Anyone experiencing issues is encouraged to report them through Discord (see bottom of post below)

III. Expanded Features
  • Windowed Mode
  • Compendium Info Tab
  • Accessibility – Key rebinding
  • Accessibility – Colorblind Modes
    Tritanopia (blue-blind)
    Protanopia (red-blind)
    Deuteranopia (green-blind)
  • Accessibility – Nightmare Mode

Sincerely, thank you for embarking on the Renfield: Bring Your Own Blood journey with us. As we transitioned from Early Access to the polished Version 1.0, every piece of feedback—praise or critique—from our reviews and discussion forums played a pivotal role. Through your insights, we’ve honed Renfield into a standout experience in the bullet heaven genre. Your voice drove our progress.

If you have any questions or suggestions, hop on to our Discord and let us know. We’d be more than happy to see you there! Happy slashing, everyone!