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Touhou: Gensokyo Survivors » Version 1.0.1 Update

The support for Touhou: Gensokyo Survivors has been incredible! It has really energized me to keep working on the project and do my best to improve it! On that note, if you have any suggestions or bug reports you should join the discord as it’s the best way to reach me!

Anyways, on to the patch notes!

Version 1.0.1
– various bugs relating to spell cards fixed
– improved game manual in main menu
– key remapping added to options menu
– item descriptions have been replaced with short demo videos
– item descriptions now show approximate damage values for weapons
– toggle focus added to options menu
– various bugs relating to achievements not properly unlocking (or un-unlocking) fixed
– controls have been simplified, everything in the inventory screen is handled with L and R mouse buttons
– new ‘cancel’ keybind which can be used to close the inventory screen
– hovering over the ‘close gap’ button now makes all UI elements transparent so that you can see enemies before closing your inventory
– main menu white fade-in is less blinding now
– various UI, art, and animation improvements
– slight adjustments to level costs to open the gap. your should be able to level up slightly more often now in late game
– slight adjustments to damage and speed values for lily white and daiyousei, they are slightly slower and deal slightly less damage now
– Remilia now starts with 4 bats instead of 1 (2 A bats, 2 B bats)
– Cirno now starts with 2 icicles instead of 1 (1 A icicle, 1 B icicle)
– hp regen rate slightly increased
– Youmu sword effects fixed in OpenGL version
– camera photo effect fixed for both versions and all resolution sizes
– fixed a bug where some small items (faith, crystals, mon) would despawn while in inventory screen
– steam achievements implemented

As always thanks for the support,