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Renfield: Bring Your Own Blood » Version 0.3.3 changelog

Greetings, Cats of the Darkness!
We welcome you to our v0.3.3 update!
As ever, we thank you from the bottom of our vampiric hearts for all the support and critiques that you’ve sent our way. Your eternal, undying support keeps us motivated to build the best game ever. We’re ecstatic to share our update notes—we’ve been keeping busy!

  • Steam Cloud Update: Good news! You can now access your progress across your devices as long as you have your game in the cloud or synced in Steam.
  • Translation Update: Fixed and corrected several strings.
  • Cemetery Tombstones Destructibles: Now, you can destroy all the tombstones at the St. Louis Cemetery level. That way, you don’t get tripped up or stuck!
  • Crown Counter: We made things easier for you to track the crowns you acquire for over-leveling your weapons.
  • Wave Counter: Like Renfield, we try to be thoughtful! So, we also added a counter that displays how many waves you have completed during Endless Mode.


  • Fixed the issue where it’s unable to unlock the Gold Medal for the Weapon Maniac Achievement.
  • Fixed the issue on all medals’ progress counters for the Narcissist Achievement are maxed out.
  • Fixed the issue where the “The Sweet Talker” achievement has no checkmark despite having achieved it.
  • Fixed the issue of the unresponsive Muxy gateway menu.
  • Removed all unlockable upgrades that are unavailable from the level-end UI.
  • Adjusted the Muxy gateway so that it’s easier to navigate and set up.
  • Added the unlock condition counter to the Shop
  • Added the Options to the Pause Menu
  • Fixed the issue where the Malicious Aura is still locked despite achieving the Tormented Genius Gold in the Shop.
  • Performed a general collision and layering check of all stages for QoL.
  • Updated the enemies in the Abandoned Hospital boss room.
  • Fixed the UI issue where text overflows.
  • Fixed the bug where an elite enemy pushes the player to the next area.
  • Fixed the issue where the Level Up UI also triggers the Special Attack.
  • Fixed the issue where the blue experience bugs disappear when they approach Rebecca.
  • Fixed occasional game lags and freezes
  • Rebalanced the prices of Shop upgrades
  • Fixed a blocker in the Options screen
  • Fixed the issue where some Compendium text descriptions for the entries are wrong or swapped, and other inaccurate information
  • Fixed the issue where the “Love Yourself” talent does not increase your current HP
  • Fixed the lighting issue in Abandoned Hospital, where some spots are lit up even though there are no lighting fixtures around the area
  • Fixed the issue where some talent stats overflow from the UI
  • Fixed the gameplay issue where the players can’t get inside Ella Lobo’s bodyguard circle
  • Fixed the issue where the players get thrown across the screen when they knock enemies while in the invisible state of Moonlight Steps
  • Fixed the issue where Renfield may clip through protective gateways in the Lobo Stronghold
  • Fixed the issue where the screen resolution couldn’t be changed
  • Added new VFX animation when picking up special items at Livespring High

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P.S. No need to bring a victim snack for entry!