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GEOTRA » ver 1.0.2 released

Hello, geometry people!

It’s been about a month since the game released, and I’m grateful for the reception it’s received! I hope everyone’s been able to enjoy my silly little game about balls shooting each other.

I do have a tentative roadmap in mind, and I plan on releasing some (hopefully) exciting updates going forward! Rumor has it one of those might be out by the end of the year…

Anyway, GEOTRA v1.0.2 mainly consists of some bugfixes and impromptu controller support! It’s not exactly where I’d like it to be, but it supports playing the game pretty well.

Controller Support

You can now play GEOTRA with your controller! Just hook it up to your PC, and you should be good to go! Now the “twin-stick” part of the “twin-stick shooter” in this game’s description can actually be true.

There is no in-game documentation on this yet, but the controls are as follows:

  • left stick – move player
  • right stick – aim/move cursor
  • right trigger – attack
  • left trigger – use ability
  • left shoulder – open upgrades menu

These are subject to change, especially after some additional testing is done. Feedback is welcome!

  • Archer’s damage calculation has been reworked from
    floor(base damage + draw time)


    ceil(base damage * draw time²)
    • This is categorized as a bug fix rather than a balance change because damage was always intended to scale with draw time. However, an oversight in the code meant that this damage increase was minuscule and the base damage had a much more significant impact on damage. The new implementation scales the damage exponentially with draw time, meaning that Archer’s DPS will (generally) be higher with shots at full draw capacity than with multiple low-power shots.
  • Higher-level swarmers (mainly purple ones in the main campaign) have had their movement speed reduced to 8
    • This change was made with a change in mindset for the role movement speed should play in the upgrade trees for classes such as Gunner and Archer. Initially, it was conceived as a way to balance the efficacy of offensive upgrades to promote more diverse builds. This would be achieved by having enemies that gradually got faster and faster as the waves moved on. In practice, though, this is not what happened.

      Instead, the appearance of these fast enemies was much too abrupt to plan for, and the fact that they were so fast made it pretty much mandatory to pick up speed upgrades. It came across as cheap and – ironically – constricted build diversity. The hope with the movement speed nerfs is that fast enemies can be seen as a nuisance which can be planned for with whatever players prefer to do, whether that’s increasing movement speed to provide a safety cushion or increasing damage to take out the threats sooner. All in all, I think it fits in with the difficulty curve well, and I hope it proves to be a good solution!

  • Archer now has a sound cue that plays when the bow is drawn to maximum capacity

There’s bound to be some new bugs, but hopefully those will be squished in due time. Again, feedback is much appreciated! I wish you all a happy holiday season!