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GEOTRA » ver 1.0.1 released

Hello, geometry people!

GEOTRA v1.0.1 is out with some small fixes and a new class to play!


The Archer is ranged class that focuses on lining up that perfect shot (or a homing shot if you need help aiming!). Draw your bows, and let the arrows fly!

Base Game:
  • changed the aesthetics of waves 20 and 25 to be consistent with the rest of the groups of 5
  • swords are now only disabled for 1 second when blocked by an enemy shield (halved from 2)
  • gunner is slightly faster by default (the speed boost for the first two upgrades has been altered to compensate)
Wave Editor:
  • re-added the ability to change the time when a spawner appears in the wave editor (this was absent on launch due to an error on my part; whoops!)
  • fixed a bug involving upgrade points carrying over between playtesting and regular campaigns