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Soundodger 2 » ver 0.5.11 [BETA] Now Live! auto-restarting…

Hows It Goin Fellow Dodgerydoos?

A substantial-yet-small update has gone live for the Beta branch. The only thing of interest here is auto-restart, one of the most-requested features since Soundodger+ launched 10 years ago. I’ve always been against the idea and still have no interest in using it, but uh… here you go! Enable it via Options > gameplay.

A major major update is coming next month! Please look forward to my silence as we scramble to make sure it all goes smoothly. Until then, patch notes below!


changelog v0.5.11 [BETA]

  • Added autorestart to Options > gameplay (ignored in zen mod and in editor)
  • Changed heatmap border to be more visible on bright backgrounds
  • Changed crack visuals in later stages of low health
  • Fixed cracks not displaying in fragile mod when losing a heart or restarting practice
  • Fixed shattering fx not displaying if particles are turned off
  • Fixed flickering squash animation on player when hitting arena wall with hori movement active
  • Fixed being able to shatter when unpausing to pick a new practice point
  • Fixed being able to shatter when unpausing to quit
  • Fixed graze amount not resetting when restarting practice
  • Fixed center enemy collision deactivating after an enemy is done shooting, but still visible
  • Fixed bullets that have been stopped not being able to stop again when restarting in practice
  • Fixed shatterproof mod not recording hit for heatmap
  • Fixed jittering visuals on score circle when choosing new practice point while having an imperfect score already


  • Added error message if exluded enemies in settings contains incorrect characters (and prevents softlock)
  • Fixed distribute button not lighting up when shift-selecting markers
  • Fixed center enemy’s preview cone aiming incorrectly
  • Fixed world aimed preview cones not updating when dragging playhead
  • Fixed streams reading amount2 value from previous bullet pattern type
  • Fixed softlock when zooming to hilight while nothing is hilighted
  • Fixed misaligned hitboxes on +/- buttons in Editor Color window
  • Fixed not being able to use controller to test forced powerups in fullscreen preview
  • Changed preview cones to extend as arena size increases
  • Improved performance when dragging playhead

Level Select:

  • Fixed visual error on mod window buttons