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The Void Rains Upon Her Heart » v8.1d

v8.1d – December 7th, 2023
-Added an option to toggle the text vibration in menus and normal scene text
-Bug Fix: In Quickplay, loading a loadout slot would not correctly switch your character
-Bug Fix: The burn scars effect would convert other negative hp into burning hp even if the effect reached its limit and added 0 burning hp

To avoid an excessive amount of post, I’ll usually skip a small patch post if it comes only a few hours after the previous one. Shoutout to the few hours between 8.1b and 8.1c where I accidentally made every single battle give you a bounty!

v8.1c – December 3rd, 2023
-Adjusted the rate that levels rise in the towers starting around Lv 15
-The final stage of family towers will now have 4 options to choose from similar to a story mode path finale
-Bug Fix: Every battle was giving bounties