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The Void Rains Upon Her Heart » v8.0d

Unless another crash is found, this is likely the last small tweak patch for 8.0

v8.0d – November 16th, 2023
-You can now see the amount of battles each tower has before choosing one
-You can now see all tower medals for each character on the character select screen
-Moved the mid boss chapter in Taller Tower to be one chapter later
-You can no longer equip a quick gift that your character is unable to use due to not having enough activation slots
-If you select a song in the music room, it will be remembered and continue to play in all hub menus for the rest of the session
-Songs that play during scenes triggered within hub menus will no longer stick temporarily after the scene ends
-Bug Fix: Loading a suspended tower run with any 4 battle chapter would fail to load