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The Void Rains Upon Her Heart » v8.0c

v8.0c – November 14th, 2023
-Increased the monster level scaling rate for all towers except Tiny Tower
-Increased the medal goals for all towers except Tiny Tower
-Further increased all tower medal goals for Alter Twin because she performs well in this mode
-Reduced the duration of most stymie helper related burdens
-Reduced the amount of panics given by Forma’s burden
-Panicked Mess burdens will not appear if you have 8 or more panics (That makes them too blessed)
-Stymie and burdened helpers will stay a minimum distance away if helpers are in ring formation
-Reduced the small pause when entering the save file select screen
-Bug Fix: burdened helpers could hit you before a battle started if you had ring formation
-Bug Fix: You can now check dreams that have blessings as rewards for real this time
-Bug Fix: It was possible to soft lock the game by accidentally unbinding menu keys. If the game detects this on the title screen it will reset to default bindings.