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The Void Rains Upon Her Heart » v8.0b

v8.0b – November 12th, 2023
-Increased the score goals for most towers except Tiny Tower
-You can now check dreams that have Blessing gifts as rewards in the Unlock New Stuff category
-Added a sound for when charge, focus, or panics are disabled
-Rage Prisma’s burden only lasts 1 battle now
-Bug Fix: Checking the tower medal progress on the boss select screen always showed the goals for Tiny Tower
-Bug Fix: Some Blessings and Burdens were missing their radiating costs
-Bug Fix: Moving against the screen borders would count as moving fast to drain burning hp faster
-Bug Fix: It was possible to get a “Don’t Panic” challenge while having a burden that automatically panics over time
-Bug Fix: The Bounty tutorial scene was missing name and description text in the scene collection menu
-Bug Fix: Some tower dream icons were incorrect