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Devil Daggers » v3.2

v3.2 adds local replays along with some gameplay consistency improvements.

    local replays
  • replays for 10 most recent runs are kept automatically and can be manually saved to keep longer.
  • access by navigating to LEADERBOARDS -> STATS -> LOCAL REPLAYS
  • local replays for custom spawnsets will work automatically and will show the name of the spawnset if it was downloaded from
    gameplay changes
  • lvl4 homing can now ricochet off empty centipede/gigapede segments.
  • destroyed gigapede segments have a darker texture on the legs, making remaining gems easier to spot.
  • spider2 corpse erode animation starts sooner.
  • centipede emerge particle effect more accurately shows where it will emerge.
  • ghostpede will always emerge with weak points facing the centre of the arena.
  • spider hitbox scales to match spawn animation.
  • delay on lvl4 homing detonate is reduced from 2 frames to 1.
  • skulls, spider eggs, and thorns no longer absorb more lvl4 homing daggers than are needed to kill them.
  • skull2 and skull3 chatter is higher priority when close.

Native Linux build is also updated along with some bug fixes.
Mac build coming soon.