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Last Devil (nsfw) » v3.1 Detail Fixes

Some players will be stuck in the reading screen for a long time after starting the game, this update fixes this problem

However, players who have already started the game can follow the following steps to play normally

1.WINDOW key + R key type regedit to open the registry
2. Delete the entire Sand Traveler folder from the following registry path
SOFTWARESand Traveler
Here are other details of the bug fixes
1. Fixed the bug that occurs when the number of gems given by the cherubs exceeds the limit
2. Fixed a bug that occurs when the item limit is full
3.The reading screen does not work when some players start the game
4. Added a new option to add relic pieces when all the props given by the cherubs reach the cap
5. Adjusted the location of the floor ICON
6. Fixed a bug in the ruby (large) holding limit setting