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Patch notes are imported from steam. There may be errors. This mostly exists so I can stay on top of them to update the features in our tags and scoring categories (which I do manually), but since many of you liked the idea of staying up to date with all the games in one place I'm working on making this data automated (right now I manually hit it every couple days) with better info and linking in with the game views.

There will be more data and proper atribution here (original author, steam link, original post date, etc) real soon, I promise. This is just like a technical test to see if they're coming in ok at all.

Last Monarch » v3.1 Data Correction

We have found some errors in the value settings that caused the game curve to be weird
This adjustment has improved these problems.

However, these changes will not affect players who have already accumulated a lot of resources

Proper game experience requires restarting the game

We would also like to say thank you to all the players who helped us test the game over the past few days, which gave us more clues to understand where to make adjustments.
We have fixed the following problems

1. Partner’s bullet will be stuck in the screen problem
2. The amount of soul essence obtained by monsters will be compounded under certain circumstances, resulting in instantaneous expansion of soul essence
3. The monster types in the challenge rooms and special rooms in Inferno mode were set incorrectly, resulting in no monsters of the correct difficulty level appearing.
4. The value of the money bag bonus is wrong, it should be accumulated for each level, instead of the current level bonus.