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Last Monarch » v3.1 Beta Demo Released

First of all, thank you to all the fans for your support!
Since the original adult version (Last Devil) was well received, we are releasing a harmonious version of the game.
It can be played by more players of different ages, or for live streaming.

The remake was more difficult than I could have imagined…
As we are a small team, before the remake I was almost just a vegetarian developer who only used RPG MAKER

So this time we almost gave everything we had
Thank you very much for your help!

This is the first demo of our remake project
There are still many unstable conditions and bugs
We need everyone’s test and report.

If you encounter any unexplained errors, most of them are known to return to normal once you restart the game.


New Diversity Monsters:

This time the monsters are more vivid
Each monster has a different weight and AI behavior
And the same monsters have increased the floating aiming time, physical strength, rest time, vision
There are also different types of bullets, penetrating, parabolic, etc.

New gameplay:

This time a lot of new game system, to be players try to see

1. the number of levels is no longer fixed, each through the door, will increase the danger value of different
When the higher the danger value, the higher the chance of encountering the boss will be.
But the more rooms you pass, the higher the difficulty level.

2. More room types
This time there are new rooms with special question marks, altar rooms, and more challenge rooms.
And randomly appear

3. Advanced magic stone exchange
Not only the original attack, defense, blood
Now there is a new explosion rate, burst damage, dodge, running speed four basic values for permanent improvement

Future update plan:

1. Currently confirmed to add a Live 2d action figure of each character
2. It is expected that the official completion and release date will be between mid-February and mid-March next year


Finally, thanks again for playing!
The following is my other platform information, you can join us at any time to follow the latest news