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RICE - Repetitive Indie Combat Experience » V28: Antares Boss

Hey RICE fans!
More update goodness coming your way today. In fact, we’re now officially on update #28! Lots of updates and lots of yummy RICE content to enjoy.
We’ll share the notes on all the new content you’ll find in this update in just a sec, but first we wanna give a heads-up to the RICE community: on October 2, the base price of the game will be increasing to $5 USD (or the Steam equivalent for your region)! As we were working on this update, we felt like now was the time to update the change in price. It’s super-important to us that RICE provides not just loads of fun for players, but also loads of value for the price. After nearly thirty free updates, we felt it would be justifiable to bump the price as a reflection of the work we’ve put in these past few months and certainly hope you agree!
But don’t worry if you’ve been on the fence about snagging the game while it’s still $3 – you have a few more weeks to do so! And FYI in case you were wondering, the game will not be increasing in price again once we exit Early Access.
If you’re curious and wanna check out some of the work we’ve done since early May, here are some of our personal favorite updates of the past few months:
V23 – Brazen Helmet
V24 – Mushroom Map
V26 – Pulsar Boss Fight
And as promised, some very juicy notes for you on Update #28!

A new boss battle is now available, against the stars Antares A & B!


– You can now adjust the max amount of projectiles the game will allow.


– Armour now blocks damage from being on fire.
– Trail particles were rewritten using the new particle system, so they should perform better.
– Trail particles are now also affected by the projectile transparency option.
– Props can no longer be poisoned.
– Planetoid HP now scales on player level partially.

Dev Note:

Sorry for such a late patch, Antares required a lot of balancing and some rewrites to actually work correctly (and fairly) and took a lot longer than anticipated. Overall, I think it’s still too hard for meta-less runs, but I’ll have to mess around more with it in the future.
Armour was changed to block being on fire because it somewhat makes sense, while giving a counter to fire and making armour more valuable, a very nice two birds with one stone.