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RICE - Repetitive Indie Combat Experience » V27: Misc QoL Update

Small patch for today as the next boss fight is still being worked on.


  • Stars now have 5 Stability, which means they take at least 10 hits to kill.
  • Rewrote flame particles to use the less laggy particle system.
  • Sun’s particle spam has been toned down.
  • Projectiles now fully expand before dying, to make large projectile builds more fun.
  • When you draw a full hand, the UI is more reasonable and easier to see and use.
  • Lightning now affected by projectile transparency.
  • Added Clear button for the metaboard loadouts.
  • Added option to remove game pause on window unfocus.
  • Added medal counters to metaboard.
  • Can now scroll the metaboard result medal list.

Dev Note:

Small patch for now, I planned to get the new boss Antares out this patch but I feel short on time. This patch was also delayed for some other reasons hence why it’s only coming out this week. I have already started on the next patch, rewriting how some other particles work so they’ll be less laggy and so that the projectile transparency option will affect them. See ya next time!