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RICE - Repetitive Indie Combat Experience » V22: Content Patch

New Cards:
  • Added Healing Pulse (bronze – gem): Heal 100/200/800/1600 HP every minute.
  • Added Poison Pulse (silver): Deal 10% of healing pulse’s healing as poison to ALL enemies.
  • Illness (silver-gem): Add 5/20/40% of damage as poison, stacking.
  • Bloodlet (bronze): Rapidly take damage to reduce poison.
  • Heavy Hits (bronze): -10% Projectile Speed, +10% Projectile Size.
  • Persist (bronze): Projectiles decay 10% slower.
  • Echo (gold): Weapon fires a second time. [Attach only]
  • Poison Splash (silver): Hitting a poisoned enemy adds 10% of their poison to near enemies.
  • Snap (silver): Hitting an enemy deals 10% of the damage to nearby enemies afterward.
  • Very Original (gold): Hitting an enemy has a 8% chance to send out chain lightning.

  • Spread out graphics options into two sections.
  • Enemies now have better frozen sprites.
  • Menu now has different sprites depending on weapon picked.
  • Reduced the damage of enemy blue fire attacks.
  • Bounce attacks now fly sideways rather than backwards.
  • The speed cap was roughly doubled, since it was lower before due to a miscalculation.
  • Enemy scale speeds has been made slightly slower.


  • Fixed the infinite boomerang ring.
  • Now has 1 innate bounce instead of pierce.
  • Cooldown reduced from 2.25s to 1.5s.
  • Boomerang can no longer crit or blunder.
  • Boomerang in-game sprites reflect its icon/tier.
  • Boomerang now gets 2x Bounces on tier 2.
  • Boomerang now gets a spiraling return arc on tier 3, to compensate for bug fix.
  • Boomerang now gets ‘Knockback converted to bounces’ on tier 4.


  • Bow now gets Double Shot on tier 2.
  • Bow now gets x2 crit multi on tier 3.
Dev Note:

I spent so much time trying to fix problems the first two weeks I wanted to work on some content for a change.
The new cards really feel like they enable more/different builds now from my tests, which is great.
Verdancy and Poison are now finally real builds, hurray!
Boomerang was quite a buggy weapon with no benefits for leveling, so hopefully the bounce change and new tier benefits will help 😀
Bow similarly was a very sad weapon, basically just a halfway between gun and sword with virtually no benefits, so the changes should make it very enticing to use.
Echo is the first new card that’s [Attach only], and hopefully is a good indicator of why I added the system. Similarly, some cards now have neutral stats like Heavy Hits or Persist, which make them better on some weapons but worse on others, meaning there’s value in attaching them.