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RICE - Repetitive Indie Combat Experience » V21: QoL, bug fixes, new cards!

V21 Changelog:

  • Certain medals can now be attached to weapons! This allows you to isolate certain effects on specific weapons if you wish.
  • Homing, Multi-Shot and Branching now HAVE to be attached to weapons in order to work.
  • Each weapon can hold infinite bronze/silver medals. However, They can only hold gold/gem medals equal to their tier (so the first upgraded sword can only hold 2 gem/gold cards)
  • The Weapon UI was updated to support medals, also with some minor improvements to the weapon stats bar.
  • The loud sounds were fixed, and there are now two contingencies to prevent it from happening again.
  • There is now a silver card called “Inventory” that allows you to store extra weapons.
  • You can now delete Weapons and Upgrades from your inventory by holding right click on them.
  • Pot of Meta-Gold now gives 100 extra for every previous pot you’ve picked up.
  • Weapon rewards from planets will now be sucked in by gravity if you have a free slot, you can disable this in the options.
  • Arsenal cap was removed.
  • Anger has been fixed to not reset every stage, and now only lasts 8 minutes.
  • Dev bias was changed to +5/10/40/80% damage instead of +2/4/8/16 damage.
  • Two new Flame cards!
  • High visibility Aiming option added.
  • Projectile Transparency option added.
  • Attack Speed card (Quick) was buffed.

Dev Notes:

Medals like branching and multi-shot were causing a lot of issues both balance-wise and lag-wise, if you went into stage 3 with 6 weapons and 2 branching, even the most powerful PCs would be brought to a crawl by the sheer thousands of projectiles. The solution to combat this was to allow adding medals onto weapons. The obvious benefit is that it helps bring those cards into line balance-wise, but also allows for more player control. Say you want attack speed on your fireball, but don’t want your dagger to be affected by the crit loss, you can do that now. Similarly useful for Wild damage cards and hopefully more uses arise in the future. This system also allows me to potentially add more powerful cards in the future that only work while attached, or cards that provide extra benefit when attached, we’ll have to see!
As for Dev Bias, the +X damage iteration wasn’t really working out and didn’t really reward going for big hits but rather quick hits. With a percentage damage, you’re now massively incentivised to build damage with it, which also forces you to have a fallback in case your first hit doesn’t kill an enemy.
I’ve also added two new Flame cards that hopefully allow Flame to scale better but also just provide more interesting ways to build it.