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RICE - Repetitive Indie Combat Experience » V20: FPS, QoL, Frostbite Improvements


Hard at work on more fixes! Check them out!

  • Rewrote the game’s rendering pipeline, so hopefully FPS should be improved.
  • Planets are now affected by cold, so they can take Frostbite damage.
  • Fixed Frostbite’s description, and buffed it’s damage x2.
  • Fixed frostbite having the incorrect meta-size and added new meta-effects for it.
  • Frostbite Slots: Fingerfood: Heal upon enemies taking frostbite damage.
  • Frostbitter Gold Line: Enemies die if they have less HP than your frost.
  • Ignite and Frostbite now proc every half a second, so they’re more effective.
  • Fireball now converts pierce+bounce to size.
  • Golden Bounce/Boing now gives 4 bounces so it’s inline with other golden cards.
  • Summoners are now capped by how many enemies they can spawn.
  • The final summon has been drastically buffed and will ruin your day if it manages to hit you.
  • Contradictions Ascension now longer makes your explosions kill your own projectiles.
  • Shadows can now be turned off.
  • Swamp, Ice and Lava maps now cannot appear on stage 1.
  • Swamp map water is very contrasted now, and should be easier to see.
  • Poisoned player/enemies actually look poisoned now.
  • New Helmet: Arbitrary: Can only draw 1 card at a time, but gets 3 copies of each medal.
  • Death screen now tells you if you died of your own degeneration.
  • You can now walk around while pot of meta-gold is dishing out coins.
  • You now get +2 silver cards on drawing a silver card, instead of getting minimum 3 on draw.
  • Same for gold cards, except +1.
  • Attack speed cards from pre-EarlyAccess have been added back, however they give negative crit chance now.
  • While you have negative crit chance, you can blunder attacks, losing 50% damage with them per blunder roll.

Dev Note:

Worked more on trying to improve FPS, which took a lot of my time yesterday.
Fixed up frostbite and buffed it give it’s lackluster performance since last patch. Combined with the new meta-effects it should make for a viable build now.
Hopefully ignite also feels better now that enemies are less likely to die before the first proc even triggers.
A fun thing I’ve noticed is that DOTs do not care about crits, but they also don’t care about blunders, so that might be an interesting angle for attack speed builds, will have to see.
Speaking of attack speed, I’m aware it’s probably quite underpowered right now, I’d rather start off weak and adjust to make it stronger, rather than have to nerf it, which feels bad.

See ya,
Pirate Rob