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Tower Tactics: Liberation » v1.7.2

Hi everyone! Small patch today, bringing a requested change by increasing maximum game speed a bit, and some changes to improve performance in long survival runs! (in the Celestial Dawn DLC)

  • The maximum game speed is now x4 instead of x3.

[Celestial Dawn DLC] Survival Mode Difficulty Scalings

Up until this patch, the way difficulty increased while playing survival was by steadily ramping up the number of spawned enemies as time progressed, especially after minute 18, since up until that point the scaling is mainly done through the enemies leveling up.

In hindsight, I now see that was a mistake. The reasons are obvious, an infinitely scaling game mode with an infinitely increasing number of enemies spawning means worse performance as minutes go on, until the game can’t handle that many enemies anymore and crashes. Rookie mistake, but let’s fix that!

From this patch onwards the amount of enemies still increases over time, but once it reaches a limit (about 30-40 enemies at the same time on the screen, depending on the map), incoming enemy flow stabilizes and the scaling is now done mainly by increasing their health and resistances.

This change should drastically improve performance on deep, long survival games. I believe that it should no longer crash, no matter how long the game lasts.