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Vampire Survivors » v1.6.0 patch notes

– Deprecated old engine, it won’t be updated anymore. All main branches are now on the new engine.
The old engine is only available on a private beta branch accessible using the password PhaserVersion. It will not be updated anymore.

v1.6.108 Hotfix:
  • Temporary fix for Player 1 controller assignment:
    – The first controller used on the Press any button screen will be assigned to player 1.
    – This can be re-assigned by toggling Options -> Coop -> “Assign Controller to Player 1” off and on, then pressing any button on your chosen controller.

v1.6.107 Hotfix:
  • Fix for crashes occurring at or after 30 minutes.
  • Fix for some controllers not being recognised on Mac.
  • Fixed an issue with some old (or edited) save data files causing the game to crash.
  • Added new display settings (V-Sync toggle, FPS Cap, Refresh Rate).
  • Fixed an issue with some enemies starting at an angle when they should not (e.g. The Directer).
  • Fixed issue where Sammy leveling up too much before starting the Directer fight would cause a crash.
  • Fixed an issue with vertical monitors not showing UI navigation cursors.

v1.6 New Features:
  • Added local co-op mode!
  • Added “Disable Blood” option.
  • Added “Pixel Font” option.
  • Added “Border Type” option.
  • Added Twitch integration (Steam only).

Local Co-op Features:
  • Added Friendship Amulet.
  • Added extra options for co-op:
  • -Player colour selection.
  • -Player outlines toggle.
  • -Player indicators toggle.
  • -UI Selection tint toggle.
  • -Controller/Keyboard assignment toggle.
  • -Sequential chest mode toggle.
  • Added support for Steam Remote Play Together.

Bug fixes, improvements, corrections:

Before showing the gargantuan list, I’d just like to say a huge thank you to all the players who have helped reporting difference between the old and new engine, our own littla QA team who spent countless hours for testing everything across more than a dozen of platform and devices, and our developers who didn’t shy to go through the 7 layers of hell to make all the changes 🙏

  • Fixed Crimson Shroud explosions not counting as rataliatory damage.
  • Fixed Coin sound being more high-pitched during gold fever vs the original engine.
  • Fixed Santa Water hit box position.
  • Fixed an issue where La Borra and Ophion would not despawn properly when off screen.
  • Fixed an issue where Super Turbo Candybox II could be shown in a chest multiple times.
  • Fixed an issue where the game would freeze at the end of the Directer fight in some situations.
  • Fixed Random Events showing in “special Cappella Magna” & “Eudaimonia M.”.
  • Fixed a spawn position issue with the Drowner in Boss Rash stage.
  • Fixed issue with golden eggs being incorrectly applied in the Astral Stair stage.
  • Fixed an issue where projectiles supporting Heart of Fire Arcana were triggering retaliation explosions instead of weapon explosions.
  • Updated translations with new text entries, options etc.
  • Added extra error handling to DLC loading.
  • Fixed an issue with the save conflict popup not displaying correctly on certain devices.
  • Fixed an issue where timestamps were not displayed in local time for save conflicts.
  • Fixed total egg count not updating when buying from the merchant or picking up Golden Eggs which caused Egg Man to not show up.
  • Fixed evolution highlights not covering the entire item in the Grimoire.
  • Improvements to caching and performance of options menu.
  • Fixed issue with Trickster appearing in non-inverted library.
  • Removed Stained Window from weapon summary list.
  • Multiple navigation arrows fixes across the UI.
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when the Gorgeous Moon weapon was removed.
  • Fixed issue with sprite generation which resulted in higher vertex counts causing gradient tinting to not work.
  • Enabled missing gradient tint and corrected depth sorting of Mirage projectiles.
  • Fixed issue where the username was not visible on the main menu.
  • Fixed issue with equipment panel spacing.
  • Fixed pause button alpha not matching original engine.
  • Fixed potential crash related to equipment panel.
  • Fixed issue with Gem physics offsets.
  • Fixed item found particles spinning too quickly on high refresh rate monitors.
  • Fixed Metaglio merging not showing in equipment panel.
  • General improvements to formatting and alignment of items in the equipment panel.
  • Fixed sprite sizing across all panels.
  • Optimised tilemap loading.
  • Fix for UI popups being on the wrong layer in some situations.
  • Fixed avatar infernas weapon not showing in secrets page.
  • Fixed a sorting order issue for cursors and their icons.
  • Updated how toastie is spawned to closer match original engine, and to ensure it is hidden when leaving gameplay.
  • Added switching of Syuuto’s song during weapon evolution.
  • Removed “RELEASE” from version number on main menu.
  • Fixed Gallo Tower fog positioning to cover transparent borders in landscape.
  • Fixed tiling backgrounds starting offset.
  • Updated the default pitch of all SFX to better match the source.
  • Fixed scroll bar speed across multiple UI pages.
  • Updated incorrect Silent Sanctuary Arcana icon.
  • Fixed crash on boot up with iOS platform under certain situations.
  • Updated Level Up to fill out extra items when less than 3 are available and you are less than level 3.
  • Fixed crash when certain trisection events triggered for a second time in the same run.
  • Fixed resistances not showing properly in the bestiary.
  • Fixed Orochimaro’s neck graphic being displayed upside down.
  • Fixed an issue where the weapon store may have no weapons left, only passives, and not grant you anything.
  • Fixed Drowner water edges being visible when using transparent borders in gameplay.
  • Fixed hidden weapons not being checked when activating some arcanas.
  • Fixed an issue with Astral Stair spinning portraits moving too slowly.
  • Updated collider on the boss mummy enemies.
  • Fix for Tides of the Foscari evolutions not showing in the Grimoire by default prior to seeing/unlocking.
  • Updated the spawn location of the Academy Badge to spawn on land in Lake Foscari.
  • Fixed an issue where the Drowner is not dismissed in some scenarios.
  • Tweak to enemy rotation to closer match the original engine.
  • Fix for enemy wiggle not being processed accurately.
  • Updated pixelated font rendering to improve clarity and performance.
  • Fixed pivot points of enemies.
  • Reduced weight of fallback font to bring other languages in-line with thickness of EN.
  • Fixed some missing translations in Character Selection.
  • Fixed a soft-lock when fighting Jen-Ne-Viv boss.
  • Fixed missing translation for grimoire title.
  • Added translations to trisection events.
  • Fixed visual issue with Eleanor sprite position after Je-Ne-Viv boss transition.
  • Fixed equipment stats moving down the screen randomly when opening certain UI pages.
  • Fixed an issue with the 16:10 aspect masking during gameplay.
  • Fixed an issue where the default language was always forcefully applied.
  • Added missing Victory Sword check to Stalker and Drowner enemies.
  • Optimised in-game stats panel.
  • Fixes to back buttons to resolve various navigation issues.
  • Fixed retaliation issue with Eskizzibur.
  • Fixed the Drowner enemy in Boss Rash not spawning at the correct location.
  • Clamped the players movement speed between min and max integer values to stop the game crashing under extreme speeds.
  • Fixed issue with trisection event text overlapping gold fever.
  • Improved the way that out of bounds pickups move towards players.
  • Added option to disable moving background in Astral Stair.
  • Fixed an issue where pickups were being despawned too quickly, meaning maps always showed them.
  • Fixed an error when showing weapon evolutions for players who are maxed out.
  • Fixed error where Cold Explosions were triggering on already dead targets.
  • Fixed the usage of various incorrect sprites throughout the game.
  • Updated the list of Red and Blue weapons.
  • Fixed Ophion not despawning correctly which sometimes caused a crash.
  • Fixed Drowner movement speeds and positioning (in particular when in Hyper mode)
  • Fixed a situation where invalid stage data could cause a crash.
  • Updated DLC Store button location on mobile.
  • Fixed an issue where Sole Solution was not pausing.
  • Fixed an issue where particle reformatting could cause a crash on the Level Up screen.
  • Fixed various enemy spawning differences to better match the original engine.
  • Fixed an issue with tiled enemy spawns not matching the original engine.
  • Corrected gameplay zoom level to better match the original engine.
  • Fixed a bug with the Delete Save Data option not appearing anymore.
  • Added missing SFX for Summon Night and Echo Night
  • Added missing SFX for Candybox opening
  • Updated credits.
  • Fix for revives triggering twice.
  • Fixes for particle effect sizes and duration on Level Up and Arcana.
  • Various small fixes for VFX at different aspect ratios.
  • Pentagram flash now obeys Flashing VFX in the options.
  • UI Pages can now be scrolled quickly using shoulder buttons on controllers.
  • Fixed page up down in pages with non uniformly sized elements (e.g. options page), also fixed page up down not working at all in the ingame options page
  • Fix for linux launch issues and missing steam overlay
  • Fixed lingering images on screen sides after completing the yellow sign collection animation
  • Improvements to Arcana selection navigation.
  • Optimised Thunder Loop Projectile to reduce hitch after evolving.
  • Fixed Gorgeous Moon display colors and alpha.
  • Fix scroll snapping when using mouse on a tickbox after having scrolled
  • Fix for secrets page using incorrect character texture (DLC only) for unlocks popup.
  • Updated config for Rosary SFX.
  • Fixed audio issue with vacuum.
  • Fix for pickup vacuum behaviour differences.
  • Fixing DLC enemies appearing in credits if you don’t own DLC.
  • Fixes for Luminaire’s VFX.
  • Fix for walking characters hiding too early during preloader.
  • Fixed an issue with CherryStarsWeapon/Projectile not despawning its sprites and effects properly.
  • Fixed an issue where the bone giant weapon was not being removed properly during special events.
  • Weapon Selection: Header size adjustment.
  • Stage Select: Tweaked font size/alignment.

Game Over:

  • Updated button animations.
  • Updated text animations.
  • Updated revive animations.
  • Updated timings.
  • Improvements to pixelation effect on Game over.

Level Up:

  • Updated buttons, VFX and hierarchy.
  • Fixed item icon sizing.

Final Fireworks:

  • Ray scale tweaks.
  • Great Jubilee weapon reveal is now above the fireworks.
  • Updated positions, tweens and material of the rays.
  • Now only updating fireworks once per trigger.

Item Found:

  • Particles are now bigger and have a longer duration.
  • Fixed item icon sizing.


  • Corrected button alignment.
  • Fixed item icon sizing.
  • Fixed a layering issue with the scrollbar

Stage Complete:

  • Updated button animations.
  • Updated text animations.
  • Updated revive animations.
  • Updated timings.

Character Found:

  • Button position tweaks.
  • Ray scale tweaks.
  • Fixes for tweens on exiting the panel.
  • Various improvements to panel closing animation.
  • Now only updating fireworks once per trigger.
  • Updated positions, tweens and material of the rays.
  • Improvements to burst effect timing.
  • Starts off dark by default.
  • Fixes for particles and spinning.

Arcana Selection:

  • Validated sizes of both arcana card selections.
  • Card selection size adjustment.
  • Arcana panel (on right) is now correct size.
  • Info panel text sizing and alignment improved.
  • Fixed card corner sizes.
  • Fixes for skip button corners.
  • Fixes for card selection corners.
  • Various timing changes and improvements.
  • Updated particles size and density.
  • Get and Random buttons now have thicker borders.
  • Unlocked count now displayed at the top.

Pause Menu:

  • Arcana panels were the wrong size.
  • Fixed scroll view in game options.


  • Fixes to colour and transparency of divider.
  • Improvements to list alignment.
  • Navigation fixes.
  • Fixes to text formatting.
  • Fix for scroll when hovering.
  • Fix for content fitting issues.
  • Fixes for various special enemy entries.
  • Basic bestiary enemies now correctly match the enemy size.


  • Input button updated.
  • Particle size and masking updated.
  • Now scales the title out on click.
  • Added page divider line.

Unlocks Menu:

  • Fixed incorrect frames used for arcanas.
  • Coin prizes now display correctly.
  • Fixed broken language key on coin prizes.
  • Fixed incorrect panel icons for unlocks.
  • Corrected text sizing.
  • Fixed navigation.
  • Fix for scale of character rewards.
  • Unlock, description and icons updated.
  • Text available size and space updated to fix resizing.


  • Aligned info panel text.
  • Fixed powerup level slot being on by default.
  • Fixes to item font size and color.

Character Select:

  • Fixed bug with scale of price.
  • Sizing updates.
  • Tweaked ront size/alignment.

Credits screen:

  • Fixed Conga line visibility.
  • Fixed navigation.


  • Fix for collection item question mark size.
  • Updated info panel icon sizing.

Treasure Chests:

  • Reduced delay on lvl 1 chest done button.
  • Reduced delay on lvl 2 chest done button.
  • Adjusted treasure chest ribbon length.
  • Tweaked timings for treasure skips.
  • New skip animations.
  • New skip timings.
  • Updated intro blast speed.
  • Updated intro chest positioning.
  • Updated intro chest animation.
  • Fixed open button behaviour.
  • Adjusted curved ribbon in lvl 3 chests.
  • Adjusted far left and right reel sorting.
  • Made bubbles fade in instead of appearing.
  • Adjusted lvl 3 reel positions.
  • Adjusted stars behind weapon reveal.
  • Fixed the background circle shape, speed and alpha.
  • Tweaked open and done button sizes.
  • Separated arrows from open and done buttons.
  • Open button now rotates out correctly.
  • Adjusted fireworks sorting order.
  • Changed flash and ring sorting order to be over the reels.
  • Stopping background panel lighting up in lvl 1 chests.
  • Updated order of lvl 2 chest wining patern.
  • Moved fireworks behind chests.
  • Made coin countup scale in, not just appear.
  • Adjusted flash scale and position.
  • Adjusted position of lvl 2 reels and coin display.
  • Changed when coin particles stop in lvl 1 & 2 chests.
  • Adjusted ring scale amount.
  • Changed layer of coin value.
  • Updated anim to scale out the coin value.
  • The “done” button now rotates in instead of appearing.
  • Added delay to coin value pulsing.
  • Added delay to “done” button.
  • Changed position of coin value.
  • Changed timing to ring scaling down.
  • Updated info panel icon sizing.