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Devil Slayer- Rakasi » v1.5.7 – Optimization, Adjustments, and Fixes

# Optimization

– Implemented numerous under-the-hood optimizations to reduce various in-game stutters.

# Adjustments

– Modified the weapon pickup UI to improve the user experience, particularly when dealing with longer text in certain languages.
– Increased the stun value for Kharoum Charesh in the DLC from 30 to 40.
– Monsters like Alabaster, Terracotta Warriors, Marrow Worms, and Sandworm Nymphs are no longer affected by the Rampage Morph Potion.
Monster Blood Pills: When activated, cost HP directly without costing Spirit Armor (not considered as taking damage, which does not affect the acquisition of the Immaculate Integrity achievement or the condition for Lantern Keeper appearances).

# Bug Fixes

– Fixed a program script error that could occur after failing a battle in the Survival Challenge.
– Addressed the issue where immediately playing the boss kill animation after obtaining Divine Revival could cause the game to freeze.
– Corrected the inconsistency between the instruction for switching items in the control guide interface and the new control scheme.
– Resolved the issue where Soul Jade didn’t provide death protection against frost damage.
– Fixed the problem where, if the little Five Oddities Worm summoned by player was still alive, the player character’s revival could cause summoning an extra one of the little Five Oddities Worm.
– Addressed the issue in Darkness Challenge 5 where, after losing a Pet relic, the Pet could be still erroneously spawned.
– Corrected the problem in the hidden levels (Mount Skyedge and The Netherworld) where enemy bosses and Reincarnators did not properly acquire Darkness Challenge relics.
– Fixed an issue where, during the battle with Miss Mu, if player character and enemy died simultaneously, Miss Mu could disappear.
– Resolved several text-related issues.