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Devil Slayer- Rakasi » v1.5.5 Some fixes and improvements

# New Features

A new item selection method: press a button to open the selection screen and quickly switch between active items, making it easier to manage a large inventory.
– Added an option based on player feedback to mute Feline Spirit and Dog Spirit.

# Adjustments – Darkness Challenge

– Now new relics will be unlocked after completing Darkness Challenge [4] instead of Darkness Challenge [5].
– Adjust the title and description of Darkness Challenge [5].
Darkness Challenge [3]: the number of random tokens decreased from 10 to 5.
Darkness Challenge [4]: the number of random tokens decreased from 10 to 7.

# Adjustments – DLC Characters

DLC Jehoshaphat: Adjusted the hitbox of attack action; add block hitbox to charged attack 1 and can trigger Perfect Block.
DLC Kharoum Charesh: Charged attack coefficient increased from 1.3 to 1.5; Ancestor’s Fist can be summoned repeatedly in the same room, but only two fists can be present at the same time; Ancestor’s Fist attack interval shortened from 3 seconds to 2 seconds.

# Adjustments – Misc

– Increased the number of Disenchantment Bead to 7.
– Adjusted the Oddities summoned by the Cranial Bugger to automatically restore their status after passing through a room.
– Adjusted the player’s casting action to release the skill immediately after dodging, and aim correctly at the target position.
– Adjusted the effect of [Trial Token – Journeyman Assassin] to avoid the appearance of assassins being too frequent.

# Fixes

– Fixed the calculation of the number of Soul Crystals displayed on the game clear screen.
– Fixed name errors in the Staff Roll Screen.
– Fixed the issue with [Divine Fury – Golden] not immune to Frost.
– Fixed the issue with some corresponding effects not being correctly removed after losing a relic upon clearing Darkness Challenge [5].
– Fixed some script errors.