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Devil Slayer- Rakasi » v1.5.4 Some fixes and improvements

# New Features

– Implemented dynamic adjustment of random map room rules to avoid difficulty in obtaining certain achievements and scrolls.


– When players attempt to use the Soul Keeper to convert weapons in the “Incarnation of Darkness” DLC, a confirmation prompt will now appear indicating that weapons cannot be changed in the DLC.
– In the enemy relic info screen of the “Incarnation of Darkness” DLC, players can now view the detailed info of the relics through the tips.
– Enemies in the “Incarnation of Darkness” DLC will no longer get the “Cursed Blood Void Clothing,” “Cursed Blood Wave,” “Thunder Eye,” and “Abomination Sac” randomly.
– Fixed a script error in the difficulty selection interface of the “Incarnation of Darkness” DLC.
– Adjusted the DLC Ralciel’s Parasitic Spore so that it no longer triggers BUFF effects, just like other projectiles.
– Modified the text of DLC Tindra’s weapon description.

# Adjustments

– The Cursed Blood Bat now has a limit of five.
– Boss Rush battles now have background music.
– Changed the background music in the Staff Roll screen.
– Added separate mini-map icons for coins, dark golds, and relics.
Adjusted the implementation details of relics:Unstable Converter, Hongde’s Letter, Spider Inner Alchemy, Windward Cape, Chipped Hound, Earthshaker, Glasses Cat’s Bell, Shield of Apathy, Blood Pawnshop, Cursed Blood Coin.

# Fixes

– Fixed an issue where defeating the Shadow while holding the Eye Devourer’s Pupil and Soul Jade would cause the Shadow’s health bar to disappear.
– Fixed an issue where the description text of the Disenchantment Bead was too long in the item selection screen.
– Fixed an issue where holding the Corpse Pill would prevent the player from regaining stamina, MP, and removing negative effects after completing a level. Now players with the Corpse Pill can still regain stamina and magic, but they will not regain HP when entering a new level.
– Fixed an issue where the Unstable Converter’s effect would be lost when crossing rooms.
– Fixed an issue where Curse effects would be lost after activating the Rampage Set and resetting the level.

# Localization

– Adjusted English text based on feedback.