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Fruits of Fury » v1.167


  • Deck editor: quickly equip items and creatures in the deck editor tab between matches
  • Replays: game hosts can download a replay after a match and view it from the main menu (Important to note: at the moment, replays will only work with the version of the game that they were created, so replays you create will not be compatible with future updates)
  • Guide wiki: provide detailed in-game info about items and creatures, more to come
  • Map editor: for advanced users only; basic instructions to build a standard map provided


  • New heroes now start with a complete loadout (6 items and 6 creatures)
  • Players can now build creep camps using a new resource: nest eggs
  • Creep camps drop nest eggs upon death instead of mushrooms
  • Mushrooms spawn over time at each team’s crystal
  • When collected, eggs will instantly spawn a random unit from your loadout
  • Production penalty for large units is less severe, so they are built ~2x faster
  • Each team starts with 90 supply by default
  • Max health bonus from fortitude attribute is 2x, so all units have ~2x more health
  • Enchantments now count as items rather than creatures
  • Neutral creep heroes spawn 4 guard towers near their nest at the beginning of each match
  • Increased Lightfoot movement multipler from 1.125 to 1.25
  • Otter hero now starts with Calm (reduced mana cost of abilities) rather than ImmuneSlow
  • Crafty skill provided by the Backpack now also increases team supply
  • Helmet upgrade now provides ImmuneSlow instead of Thorns
  • Shield bash is now instacast in the direction a unit is facing rather than point target
  • Reduced lightning strike radius by half
  • New cutscene audio dialogue volume slider available in settings panel


  • Lowered default volume of cutscene audio, more mastering to come
  • Dash ability provided by Sword upgrade now actually dazes opponents