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Fruits of Fury » v1.143: now available!

Illustration by Ryan Francis

To our friends and furs,

It has been a year since we’ve last updated the game and made it available for early access. We have since learned a lot from players along the way. So for the past year we have been brewing up a major update to address a variety of feedback, one that we hope you will find worthy of an official release. Here’s what we focused on:

  • greatly improved performance, interface and controls
  • original music produced by Nick Ingvoldstad (AKA Caerus)
  • single-player (or co-op) campaign written by Brendan Bagley
  • improved standard match format: redesigned items, units, resources and economy
  • public games listing
  • partial gamepad support

In many ways, this is an entirely different game. The core gameplay has been greatly simplified and refined. There is still more to come. Although the standard match format is not likely to change much, in the future we’ll introduce new items and creatures and carefully address game balance. There is still so much to explore in the early days of this game that the most exciting thing for me is to see players come up with creative strategies that will ultimately define the way this game is played competitively.

Of course, there’s always room for improvement, so we’d love to get more feedback on how to improve the game further. While this game brews on the periphery of the esports landscape, be on the lookout for local gaming groups to play this game casually. We’ve had great play-test sessions with the updated format and found it to be lots of fun with our local crew. Our next priority is to connect players and run tournaments for competitive folk.

This is an indie game and though we welcome press, we spend little time on promotion and rely on folks like you to spread the word. So despite the low player count at the time of this writing, this game is very much alive and kicking. Please reach out to us on the Steam message boards and stay tuned for more!

May the Fury commence!

Andy Domin

p.s. here’s a multiplayer protip: our official tournament style of playing the standard match format is to play with teams of 2v2 and declare victory after 2 out of 3 matches. The players that are not hosting get to select the first map, and losers thereafter select the next.