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Tower Escape » v1.11.5 – Put Out The Fire

Spells were added fairly late in the development process, and while they can be pivotal in terms of gameplay impact, they’re at this point still the most under-developed feature in Tower Escape. Today’s update is the first step in a larger plan to make them a bigger part of the game, with much more to come shortly as we begin to rebalance The Damned’s ablities.

We’re adding 3 new spells: Slow Time, Disorient, and Weaken. Slow Time is a new and unique effect that slows down projectiles as they go through the air. It can really benefit fast-moving minions, allowing them to outrun projectiles with ease as they run for the exit. Disorient & Weaken can disable Guards similarly to Stun, but are cheaper and available earlier, and have more specific effects (shared with the Exiled’s debuff abilities).

Full changelist:

  • New spell: Slow Time – Projectiles -66% speed for 2s
  • New spell: Disorient – All Guards Range -1 tile for 2s
  • New spell: Weaken – All Guards -1 dmg for 2s
  • Updated Stun’s card art to thematically match Disorient & Weaken
  • Updated Gilbert’s sprite to be more of a visual upgrade from Mike
  • Fixed Kunzite’s ability so the spawned minions properly follow the gem holder