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Tower Escape » v1.11.4 – We Will Rock You

Hello again, a fresh new round of updates today, mostly around our beloved minerals. The 5-star gems are getting a new sprite that’s a little less cumbersome on the card, and we’re adding 7 new gems with special abilities. We’ve also tweaked some of the existing gems, and added “chip” versions of the tradeoff gems (gems with a negative as well as positive effect). The chips have the same malus as the whole versions, but a reduced bonus effect, making them most useful as a way of reducing a minion’s stats (perhaps reducing speed to keep them on pace with others, or reducing health to trigger death effects easier).

With the gems rounded out nicely, one of the next areas we’ll be expanding on is the melt system. We’re working on a new reward algorithm that will have a set reward system (based on clan, level, and xp), so you know exactly what you’ll get before melting instead of a random chance.

From there, we’ll be moving on to spells as the next area that needs a bit of love. In addition to brand new spells, The Damned will see some ability change-ups that add greater spell synergy to the clan.


  • New art for Alexandrite, Carnelian, Coral, Peridot, Quartz (thank you Admurin for the sprites)
  • Adds new gems: Cuprite, Kunzite, Tourmaline, Scolecite, Tanzanite, Azurite, Pyrope
  • Adds chip versions of: Topaz, Beryl, Agate, Spinel, Garnet, Jade
  • Avarice’s speed boost removed and is now Carnelian’s gem ability
  • Peridot now has self-healing
  • Return Shroomy’s original sprite
  • Adds Gilbert (level 4 Shroomy)
  • Adds missing achievement for winning with Exiled clan (if you have previously accomplished this, it will be granted automatically when you launch the game)