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Tower Escape » v1.11.1 – If You Can’t Beat Them

As the Necromancer plotted escape from The Tower, trouble was brewing far away in the Elven Kingdom. A clan of elves lived in exile and were persecuted because they worshipped the night and possessed powerful psychic abilities. After centuries of mistreatment, they took advantage of the elves’ distraction in the war against The Enchanted, Damned, Undead, and Corrupted, to stage their own rebellion and join forces with the enemies of their enemy.

Introducing: The Exiled

Led by their newly crowned Empress Josephine, The Exiled are a new clan with brand new powers to explore. Their psychic attacks allow them to stun and disorient their enemies, as well as draining life force to heal and speed up themselves. They also bring with them some fellow creatures of the night, such as bats, ravens, spiders, and gargoyles, to join the fight.

But wait, there’s more!

As the war raged on, word of The Necromancer’s plight spread to other realms. The Elves have many enemies, far and wide, and The Necromancer has many friends. You can now recruit new Clanless minions, such as The Jade Army and The Four Harbingers.

Gods and Curses

Inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft, there are also 6 new gods that can be summoned from the depths of your Necronomicon. While very hard to find, you may come across their worshippers and cultists, who will help you gather curses and summon them. Curses function similarly to gems, but have harsh downsides and are in some cases not removable. With each curse however, cultists and worshippers can help increase your chances of summoning one of the old gods.

We are The Champions

Many people have asked for meta-progression style enhancements that allow you spend currency collected in-game for permanent bonuses over time. While I still prefer to go with a skill-based gameplay style over one that simply requires grinding, I think the new Champion system will provide something for everyone. Any points you score for a clan can now be spent to unlock and upgrade Champions, which can replace one of your starting minions in any new game. You can upgrade that minion’s health, speed, or even give them an extra gem socket. This also allows you to choose your starting minion when selecting a new Advanced Start game.

Are there any new relics though?

Of course! With 15 new relics to enhance your gameplay, as well as new curses and the clanless and exiled minions, we’ve added almost a hundred new cards to bring the total to over 325 cards and variations!

Thank you again to everyone who has played and enjoyed the game so far! I hope this new free content update will help to address the concerns some have had with the game feeling like it lacks as much content as they expected, and I personally think it’s really fun and adds many new dimensions to the game!

Ben “SlightlyMadman”

Full changelist:
  • Adds exiled
  • dark knight nerf, fix broad pendant, new tower map and exits
  • Buffed Dark Wizard, Dragoon, and Illusionist. Fixed map exit issues. Fixed card locks being incorrect. Moved entry spawn to middle of left
  • Fixes bugs with crypt levels and spider eggs hatching. Guard spawn rebalance: more guards will spawn in earlier levels and slightly fewer in later. Lots of UI/UX enhancements to the map.
  • Adds a new “Upgrade Champions” page to the menu. Here you can spend points accumulated from your score to unlock new starting champions and upgrade their stats. Once unlocked, Advanced Start will give you the option of starting with them (they replace your common minion). Advanced start also changed so the other option is a random selection of 2 minions, 1 relic, or coins.
  • Adds challenge levels, Doggo/Wolfo have higher hp and less sp, prevent potions from being used more than once, advanced start now has guaranteed minion levels based on highest champion unlocked, wizards cannot spawn on the left 1/3 of the map
  • Adds the Jade Army (clanless minions), Buffs Tigre and Lich
  • Adds the 4 Harbingers (Conquest, Death, Famine, War), legendary clanless minions you can only get once, who have bonkers stats and give permanent stat changes to all minions when added
  • Challenge levels highlighted red, always give the advanced start champion option if you’ve spent points, random advanced starts +3 coins, fix unused stairs coming back on load, speed limit 100mph, fix champion names not saving, fix map remembering the previous path
  • Scrollbars, shieldbearer prefers shields, feather nerf, exits have challenge indicators, better snake pathing, moon ring & pendant, persist bonus sockets on upgrade
  • Tweak rarity rates, ascension rerolls start at $2 but reset 1 roll per floor, new relics: Coin Purse & Golden Gear
  • Fixed a couple bugs with the last update and added a new ability to Cthulu (slows nearby projectiles)
  • new relics: Friend Armor, Golden Buckle, Garuda Feather, Power Gloves
  • hopefully fixes missing keys, candle/broom/brain now spawn as normal relics, trick or treat now gives 1 curse-based relic and 3 curses, old curses rebalanced, new curses added: cursed eye, ear, nail, tooth, bone, horn, and garlic, curses now show up in the “anything slot” in the store and always cost 0
  • refactored champion system a bit (now has a max of 3 total upgrades), added basic minions as champion options, fixed bug with champion sorcerer spawning an imp
  • Rebalanced the “tradeoff” gems (topaz, beryl, spinel, etc.) to all being 3-star and the cut versions now have the same negative but increased positive. Skeleton -1 cost, Pixy, Gnomy, Rocky, Sentry -1 cost, Foxy & Bully swapped stars and rebalanced accordingly.
  • Adds new relics: Chip Bag, Miser’s Pants, Gold Apple, Endless Vial, Cursed Doll, Pack Hero, Bat Wings
  • Zargon (Cyclops rank 2) buff (heals and speed boosts shielded minions), Tigre buff (increased heal), Adds rank indicators to cards (this was in the last update but I forgot to mention it), Card tooltips now show stat breakdowns in description ([base stat]+[bonuses from relics/gems/etc.], +[permanent buffs]), Card tooltips now show the number of times a minion’s ability has been triggered
  • Adds a new Combine UI to the minion and inventory screens. Pressing Combine if you have exactly the number needed will combine automatically (same as before), but if you have more than required you’ll get a modal allowing you to remove the suggested matches and replace with a different one. Also now looks at gems socketed on minions for combine matches (these show up in the combine modal with a the parent minion’s image behind the gem image).
  • Add keyboard/controller support to combine modal, allow shift-click to combine all of a certain card (bypassing the modal), add visual clues on mouse-over to combine modal to make adding and removing matches more clear, show relevant charm in matches
  • Rebuild gem socketing modal with full card stats and scrollbar, tweaked tower spawn/upgrade animations, fix sorcerer spawning out of order, allow basic champions to be chosen
  • Tweaked difficulty settings: Fewer boss wizards spawn on challenge levels (was 3 per wave on hard, now is 3,2,2,1,1,0..), store star chances all moved 1 floor earlier, Easy difficulty now has more guard upgrades, fixed a range bug that was allowing Dark Knight to hit guards it shouldn’t, fixed a bug with small shields disappearing, fixed wispy staying targetable after dropping a small shield. Made guard spawn/upgrade sparkles more visible.
  • Fix more shield spawning bugs, tweak easy difficulty slightly harder (fewer items), add max star indication to the store screen
  • Fixes UI bugs related to button pressing and clicking during tower spawn animation, Major spawn scaling revamp (easy/medium significantly harder, but hard/asc should be mostly the same, with slightly more guards on wave 1 and fewer on later waves), Infinity shield is now 3-star, some relic price changes, added unlock costs to some new minions and relics, cleaned up star display in store, added tab to book of names for clanless minions
  • Adds screen shake on minion death, adds toggles to the ingame settings panel to turn on or off tutorial tips and screen shake