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TombStar » v1.1.0 is HERE! Introducing Easy Mode, Grimheart Badges and NEW ACHIEVEMENTS!

We’ve just popped out a REALLY EXCITING UPDATE, full of NEW FEATURES, a brand new EASY MODE and a couple of big bug fixes!

Here’s what’s new in version 1.1.0:

New Features:

Special “Grimheart Badges” have been added which can be unlocked by completing in-game achievements. Each badge dramatically alters gameplay, and they can be stacked to create unique combinations.

Grimheart Badges:

  • High Octane (everything moves faster)
  • Danmaku (more projectiles, slower speed)
  • Wild Guns (random guns every time you dodge)
  • Only Need One (start the game with only 1 heart)

Easy difficulty:

Players can now lower the game’s difficulty by toggling a setting in the options menu. The easier difficulty lowers enemy fire rates and projectile speeds, and increases health and gold drops – this results in a slower-paced, more relaxed experience.


  • Returned A.J’s starting weapon to the previous damage amount with a slightly nerfed fire rate.
  • Slightly reduced the difficulty of levels 1-Settler’s Run and 2-Glow Caves
  • Meteor Summoner attack VFX updates
  • New Achievements – Beating the game with High Octane, Only Need one, and both at the same time.
  • Added some new rooms to the Cave and Moon biomes.
  • Some performance updates
  • Improved the background cloud fill, mostly focused on lower-quality settings
  • Overhauled the general shaders

Resolved Small lag spikes on some pcs for the following:
  • Rocky Rumble Projectiles
  • First Occurrence of the Train traps
  • Entering the Shop
  • Drop pod enemies
  • BurningBlades/Bolstered blades charge start
  • Entering Chest rooms
  • Sniper Ultimate effect
  • Enemy Enrage
  • Barrel Explosions
  • Reward drops
  • Hover Clubs explosion
  • Gaining Ultimate Charge
  • Collecting a heart
  • Barfingtons Barf
  • Heal beams

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed issue where input glyphs were not correctly showing on some tooltips
  • Fixed an issue where the Tick on L&P and the Chest would flicker on the minimap
  • Resolved an issue where numerous enemies could not have their fire rates adjusted, which would affect some enemies when they enrage