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Geometry Arena » v1.0.7 Update


Some fixes and performance optimizations.


Fixed an issue that the background star sprite layer is above mines.
Fixed an issue that the difficulty option “Bumper Car Arena” sometimes causes enemies to get stuck.
Fixed an issue that in some cases, the first judgment of the upgrade “Stay Here” must cause the character to get hurt.


Optimized the management code of the mines array.
Optimized update logic per frame for all types of bullets.
Optimized the performance of the physics system at lower frame rates.
Rewrote all the code related to lasers, thus significantly optimized the performance of lasers.


The “Auto Start” function in Endless Mode now allows players to customize the countdown duration.
Significantly decreased the price of all types of runes sold in the Rune Shop.


The “Damage Text” now also show the heal effects in green numbers.


Improved the timeout detection function when uploading leaderboard data.
Adjusted and optimized some texts.

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