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Geometry Arena » v1.0.6 Update


Remade “Double-edged Sword” and “Life Drain”, and added 3 new legendary upgrades to bring many changes to the hurt mechanics.
Improved the stability of the network function.


Fixed an issue that damage overflow caused the game to not proceed properly.
Fixed an issue that the hurt increase effect of the upgrade “Revenge” also works on enemies.
Fixed an issue that the square border of the Player Position Indicator would shrink in some cases.
Fixed an issue where crits would cause no damage to enemies in some cases.
Fixed an issue that the time flow rate in the game is abnormal in the case of low frame rate.
Fixed an issue that the rune color is displayed incorrectly in some interfaces.
Fixed several UI-related minor issues.


Added a new legendary upgrade “Titan”.
Added a new legendary upgrade “Egoism”.
Added a new legendary upgrade “Stay Here”.
Adjusted the upgrade “Emergency Delivery”: adjusted rank from Epic to Legendary, increased the HP threshold from 5% to 20%, but has 3s CD now.
Remade the upgrade “Double-edged Sword”: changed the damage bonus to exponential growth, but the cost is also higher.
The upgrade “Wheel of Fortune” no longer triggers the hurt effect of the new “Double-edged sword”.
Removed the life loss effect in the game (Prism’s Laser Overload and the difficulty option Life Drain) and replaced it with dealing damage to yourself.
Adjusted the difficulty option ” Life Drain”: the damage value is reduced from 30% of current HP to 20%.


Remade the time server access function to ensure that more players can play the daily challenges and receive rewards properly.
Remade the network access function of the leaderboard interface. The connection will no longer fail due to being clicked by high frequency.
Adjusted and optimized some texts.

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