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Soundodger 2 » v1.0.5: Better text, small fixes

Salutations Soundodgerers,

Another week has passed, and so another update is upon us. The biggest news here is that text now behaves properly for everyone, whether cam tilt is on or off. This will break the visuals of very specific user levels that did lots of fancy text decoration, so sorry about that.

Here’s how text now displays (in level creator lingo):
  • If a text marker appears later in time than an earlier one, it will remain on top.
  • If more than one text marker exists at a certain time, the higher layer will stay on top (eg Layer 1 will appear on top of Layer 2)

Small potatoes other than that as far as changes go, but do please read the patch notes, as it’s all I have left to type at this point.

Happy Dodging,

changelog v1.0.5

  • Updated Feeling Again (challenge) to accommodate new text rules
  • Updated S***DODGER challenge to accommodate new text rules
  • Fixed
  • Fixed gameplay speed animating incorrectly when unpausing if playback speed mod is active
  • Fixed text not displaying in credits if lyrics display is off

Level Select

  • Changed folder display to keep parent folder selected when you go back one folder
  • Fixed all_others unlock counting 1-too-high in user levels
  • Added sfx when viewing album art


  • Fixed text to correctly display on top of older text
  • Fixed prefabs being able to be resized to negative durations
  • Changed duration bars (bullets + extras) to not be dragged below .001s
  • Fixed shift-selection not working inside prefabs


  • Fixed photosensitivity warning not displaying correctly for non-16:9 resolutions